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UPS shipping estimates are fluxuating!!!

UPS shipping estimates are fluxuating!!!

I am NOT a coding developer guy. I'm a graphic artist.. but I've been given the task of managing my companies Magento site. I've managed to figure out how to manage the site and add new products. But just recently, we've been haveing some problems with our shipping estimates for UPS.


if our customers buy one case of our product, the price will show up as usually around $27. for some reason, and if we add


For every odd number of cases of our product.... we get one rate. Then for the even cases we get  another rate.  One for about $27. and the other for about $63 to $67. Depending on the size of the case.


This just suddenly started happening!

I'm desperate to find out WHY ALL of our shipping is defaulting to one of these two seemingly flat rate estimated prices? It didnt USED to do that.

 I dont know what we could have dont to mess with it.

what can I do to set the shipping estimates back to estimating the shipping costs base on the whieght and dimensions of the case and where its going??


I do not have any table rates set up.

 I am useing UPS only.


Thank you for your help..



Re: UPS shipping estimates are fluxuating!!!

whoops.. sorry. that first part is incomplete.

to restate...

the problem is that our UPS shipping quotes have gone from varying based on the weight and size and destination of the package to basically two rates.. that alternate between odd and even number of packages.. rate is about $25-$27.. and the other is about $63 -$67.. regardless of the number of packages. A shipping quote that should be around $300.. still only reads as about $67.




the configuration in shipping methods has not been changed.


we do not have any table rates set up.. just a direct link right into UPS.

Can you help us figure this out?