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URL Key becomes Hyphenated after Products Import?

URL Key becomes Hyphenated after Products Import?

I have set the URL Key fields in the Dataflow Products Import to a value with no spaces or hyphens. I have also set certain Products to more than one Category, e.g. New and Austria for certain beer glasses.


The problem I see is that in the URL Rewrite Management and the individual Products, I'm seeing hyphens between the words in the URL Key of the Products, e.g. "zipfer-beer-pitcher-large-1-5-litre" (this the actual Title text of the Product) instead of "zipferbeerpitcher" as specified in the CSV Import file.


Do I need to change any code or settings?


Thank you for any help.



Seems that there is no record for product status in catalog_product_entity_int causing the product not to be displayed in the grid, but to be displayed in Category Products (where product's status is not checked).


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