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URL refinement help needed


URL refinement help needed

Hope someone can help with this little problem

I've install 2.1.7 with a single web site and have what I thought was a simple problem.

The Magento install is in a sub folder of the root as  most are and I want to point my customers to the main url for the index page rather that the the sub folder i.e. rather than I've followed a number of clear instruction on this but none seem to be working. including additions to the .htaccess file and changing the base URL

the Server is Apache2.4

The .htaccess amends were

SetEnvIf Host www\ MAGE_RUN_CODE=default
SetEnvIf Host www\  MAGE_RUN_TYPE=store
SetEnvIf Host ^ MAGE_RUN_CODE=default
SetEnvIf Host ^ MAGE_RUN_TYPE=store


And the Base URL

Also i've reindexed and cleared the cache


Any help where I may be going would be greatly appreciated.