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User edit / add dont work

User edit / add dont work



in our Magento Shop we can't edit or add users. If we try to edit or add an user, we just get a page without input forms and in the console is the following error:


ReferenceError: api2_roles_sectionJsObject is not defined




Anybody an idea, how we can fix this?

We use Magento





Re: User edit / add dont work

Hi @TimoBraun,


It seems the javascript error is blocking the interface.

Are you using a custom adminhtml theme or maybe you are merging and minifying your css/js files?

Re: User edit / add dont work

Hi @Damian Culotta


no we are not using a custom adminhtml and no merged or minifyed css/js files


Our Server crashed a few month ago and we just found a 6 month old backup. Since we are using this Backup we got that problem.