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VAT B2B validation without using customer groups

VAT B2B validation without using customer groups

I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I have been looking on the forums and Google all day with no promising results.


Basically, on our store we have 5 customer groups for our 5 different trade levels. We are a B2B company who provide different trade levels and each level has different prices per product. This bit was easy to setup and import all our prices.


The second part is as we ship all over the world from the UK, we needed to setup the correct VAT rules. I followed this guide: which was very helpful and now is assigning the correct VAT to orders with different addresses. Below are the 3 rules regarding VAT which UK businesses must follow:


  1. VAT is charged at your local VAT rate to all non-VAT registered customers based in the EU
  2. For VAT registered business customers outside of your country in the EU, VAT is NOT charged ( they instead pay it themselves at their local rate)
  3. For customers outside of the EU, no VAT is charged


Points 1 & 3 are now working thanks to the guide. However I am having some difficulty with point 2. All extensions which I have found that manage the validation of the businesses VAT number (like this one - use customer groups to identify what VAT class they are, which I can't use as I am already using them to seperate the prices.


I was wondering if anyone knew a better way of doing either the group pricing or the VAT in Magento? Or if there was any suggestions to extensions that won't conflict with each others jobs.


Thanks in advance for your help!