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Why Fedex show me exxagerated prices?

Why Fedex show me exxagerated prices?

Hi, I'm new whit Magento, and I have a big problem here, I don't know what happend with Fedex configuration, I have setted up all right configurations as you can see in the first image.


fedex config


Additionally I setted the origin informaion of the store:

Captura de pantalla de 2016-09-29 16:53:09


But when I try to checkout the product, the shipping price is too huge, in this case, the product weights less than 1 LB and this weight was setted in the admin too. I don't know if there's another extra configuration and therefore the web store can set the prices well.


Thanks so much for your responses.


Re: Why Fedex show me exxagerated prices?

Follow this link.


It might help you.

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