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Worldpay integration callback error

Worldpay integration callback error

Hi all,


I am new to the Magento forum and wondered if anyone here would be able to provide some insight into solving a problem.


I have recently taken over the role of managing some magento sites, the person who was here before me did not leave any documentation or information on how any of them were set up (useful!) 


One of the Magento sites that I look after has suddenly stopped receiving callback responses from Worldpay, I have logged into Worldpay and all the original settings are in there and correct.


Logging into the Magento admin panel and viewing the payment methods area, all the setting look to be good and have not been touched.


What happens:

- Customer places order and payment status is set to pending

- Normally a callback response will be sent from Worldpay to the server, which updates the payment status


I am running Magento version


When looking at the settings in Sales > Payment Methods > Worldpay Credit Card it shows me all the correct settings as per the Worldpay portal.


The only thing that I have noticed is that a lot of set up guides mention using <wpdisplay item=MC_callback> as the Payment Response URL in Worldpay, however we are using http://www.[OURDOMAIN].com/worldpay/processing/response/


Would this be the issue causing the callback to fail, or am I looking in the wrong area?


Can anybody help shed some light or guide me as to where I should be looking to debug this?



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