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abandoned cart report not working

abandoned cart report not working


I have recently upgrade my website from magento 1.7.2 to CE. I have been using amasty's abandon cart email extension, but since latest upgrade I have found, Abandoned cart reports in admin are showing nothing. Grid shows empty but when i inspected database tables, i have found there are entries in Log_Quotes as well as in sales_quote tables. I am not getting what could have been gone wrong. Can anyone suggest me for solution?


Re: abandoned cart report not working

Did you go through best practices, i.e. refresh cache, reindex site, etc. If still struggling, reach out to Amasty. The extension might might not be developed to support the latest version that you upgraded; or you might need to upgrade the Amasty extension (if new version available) to support CE

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Re: abandoned cart report not working

I have the same problem after update from to


Abandoned cart repotr (report_shopcart) is not working.


I see only few cart not updated. If i open every customer i can see a lot of abandoned cart.


I have done everything: cache, index, redis, etc... i don't have any extension related to abandoned cart.


I can't update to because i need to wait some developer release new version of some extensione, but in abandone cart report is really broken!!!

Re: abandoned cart report not working

Did anyone every find a solution to this? I am running Magento ver. and my reports are not populating with anything either.