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add custom dropdown fields to address module

add custom dropdown fields to address module

Hi. We're based in India where the zip or pin code doesnt necessarily provide clarity in actually finding the addressed location. Pin codes can be the same across multiple areas in a city. For e.g. in Pune pincode 411001 covers Koregaon Park, Camp and Boat Club Road.


What I am hoping to do is allow customers to select their city and then a pincode and then an area from drop-down fields. This allows me to do a few things:


  1. avoid spelling and incorrect input in area and associated pincode as they can be validated against each other (I'll create the db table accordingly)
  2. track orders based on area and/or pincode.

I understand that I could do that from the pincode field now but because there is no validation, I have customers entering the wrong pincodes.


What I was hoping was to find an extention that would allow me to create the table and dropdown fields from the backed. The rest can be done via custom code and/or reports. Any ideas?