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back to stock after refunding

back to stock after refunding



i need some help with putting items back "in stock" after refunding. for example a client buy a t-shirt size "l". it was the last i had in stock. so inventory i correctly set to "0" and "out of stock". i create bill and send the shirt to the client.


one week later the customer send back the t-shirt and i have to "cancel" order. so this is not possible because order status is "completed". so i have to make correction of billing. and there is an option "back to stock" which is checked.


now magento set quantity correct from "0" -> "1" BUT set's not from "out of stock" to "in stock". the problem is, that product is now not visible in shop.


otherwise if order is "pending" and i cancel the order, stock is set to "1" AND from "out of stock" to "in stock". this would be the correct handling.


please help me, how i can get automatic set "in stock"! thanks in advance!