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base_url redirect problem

base_url redirect problem



I've been asked to work on someone's Magento 1.9 site. Not having used Magento before I installed Magento on my own server, and it all worked well. But now I've screwed something up and have followed various instructions on how to fix it to no avail.


It was all working fine until I went into Admin Settings and changed the store base url (secure and insecure) to (ie; adding products/ to the end of the url).


This caused all types of problems. Sp I decided to change these values back to by going into the core_config_data table and changing the web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url path settings to (ie; removing the products/ at the end of the url).


I then emptied the var/cache and var/session directories but the site still keeps redirecting to I've tried emptying browser caches and using different browsers but it keeps redirecting to the URL.


Does anyone have any ideas, short of reinstalling Magento, on how to fix this. My server is a CentOS/Nginx setup.




Re: base_url redirect problem

Ahhh I just decided to reinstall it instead.