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categories or attributes

categories or attributes


I am creating my first Magento website, it is for car parts which have many different variations and options. Please see screenshot attached.

An example part would have the following fields

Shared fields for every product
Product -  drop down
Vehicle -  drop down
Image -  upload
Make-  drop down
Model -  drop down
Year - text
Litre- text
Cylinder- text
Remarks- text

Product Specific Fields ( e.g A/C Hose)
Manifold Assembly - text
Discharge - text
Suction - text
Liquid-  text

 (Vehicle) We have 2 types, car or heavy truck
 (Product) We have 18 different types
 (make) We have 100s of different types
 (model) We have 100s of different types
 (year) a text field currently stored as date (Year) in our present database

We plan on having a search similar to what you see below, First you pick Vehicle, then product, then make, then model, year is optional. We want to create a similar search in our Magento build

Once we get to the 18 product types (e.g A/C hoses ,lower Motor, Compressors,  etc.. ), each product will have some similar and some different attributes

So my questions;

1. Should vehicle, product,  make, and model be categories or attribute  drop down lists? keeping in mind how we want to search

2. How do I create separate extra attribute fields that only apply to certain product types






Re: categories or attributes

is this question very hard? not understood?