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configurable product show 0 price

configurable product show 0 price


I'm new in configurable products.

when i try to change product material attribute in front end


  it shows me 0 price

i use wp_simple_products_generator to generate simple products

here is my data and configuration

the attribute استیل is 20 units more expensive than default price(70.00)

thank you Smiley Happy



it show correctly in the cart!


is it bug?


Re: configurable product show 0 price

Hello @SalarMoghaddam,


This is a common issue that I see with Magento websites that have not recently had a full re-index. 


If you go to System > Index Management > Select all > Actions : Reindex Data > Submit


Once complete check the front-end to see if this has worked. If not let me know.



P.s. It may be worth refreshing the cache in System > Cache Management as well, just to make sure! 



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Re: configurable product show 0 price

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