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creating side menu

creating side menu



We are new to Magento and have inherited a site from another client.

When we look at the site at it has a side menu where you can refine your search by Price and On Sale. 

We have searched but haven't been able to find how this has been set up as we also want to include filter by category as part tof the menu.


Any help would really be appreciated.




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Re: creating side menu

I didn't see that on the homepage, however I saw that on the category page here:


That is essentially what is called a "layered navigation" and is selected by what attributes you want it to filter on.


Some basic instructions can be found here:

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Re: creating side menu

Hi @perryworld

As I can see, you are using our Improved Layered Navigation on the site.


Here is a User Guide for this extension

Hope that helps!

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