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downloadable product from partner

downloadable product from partner

HI everybody

i am completely new to any kind of store-website managment. My chief asked me to fix some problem on his website. I have lots of problem but the main one is the following:


i created a fake partner profile and i uploaded some downloadable content (all our products are downloadable). it appears in the category but it is everytime  "out of stock" and can't be added to the cart (there is no button). i managed to fix it by going into catalog>manage products>(selecting the product)>downloadable information and then adding link. At that point the "add to cart" appears but i had the problem of "Please specify product link(s)". I fixed it by setting not "no" the "Links can be purchased separately". Like that it seems to work. I could do that because, as fake partner, i can both manage the account from the site and Magento from the admin login.

But the real problem is: if a partner,that is not me, uploads something, how can i make it available to be downloaded and avoid all the stuff i wrote? Because for example i could not have the files the partner uploaded and because of that i couldn't actually put them in the links. Moreover if i have 300 partners that upload 1000 product a day it becomes a bit difficult to go and create the link for each indivudal one manually.


Thanks a lot