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how to migrate from magento 2 to magento 1.9?

how to migrate from magento 2 to magento 1.9?

 hi there, I was wondering how to export data products from magento 2 to magento 1.9?


I want to do this because in magento 2 there are not that much extension that can be used so I was forced to use magento 1.9 but I don't really know how to imports products from magento 2 to magento 1.9? 

any help would be appreciated though.



Re: how to migrate from magento 2 to magento 1.9?

Generally it is possible via export/export. Export goods from Magento 2 installation.

Before importing them to Magrento 1.9 store you need to perform a few things:

- Re-create in Magento 1.9 the and attribute sets with attributes as you had in Magento 2.

- Make sure that Magento 1.9 you have the same category structure as in Magento 2.

- Copy images from Magento 2 installation to media/import folder of your Magento 1.9.

- Since Magento 1 and Magento 2 databases have different structure, you might need to adjust the file to requirements of Magento 1 and then import it.


Some might advise to transfer data via backup/restore. But I would say that is definitely not recommended since these versions have different database structure.


Here is also an article with tips how to transfer data from one Magento to another -


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