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images are not showing in product view

images are not showing in product view


I m using magento on local computer. im also using RWD template for testing . some product have multiple image that i have uploaded , however, if i select anyone image as base image for my product , i can not switch image once i click on the thumbnail. but if i don't select any base image in admin for the product , images dose change when i click on them but no base image. 

i decided to change template ,to see if this is the problem with the template , but in default and base template , images don't even show in product view section . 

can anyone tell me what is going on ? 


Re: images are not showing in product view

Hi again. 

i noticed also , that , in base and default templates, there are no images , No Attributes and no Description showing up . this is clean install with no alteration into any templates. but i have no problem with RWD template . ( except for more view image not working )

Re: images are not showing in product view

Ok , i got most of the stuff working. i used clean copy of magento using compare tool to find out if there where any files that where changed. there were some and was replaced , i also had Compiler enabled , after disabling , other templates started to work as expected. however, the biggest problem im having is on View product page "More View" images , if i choose a base image from admin for a products, clicking on any small image under base image in front end will not change image . if i don't select any base image in admin .. in front end i can select any image as usual but when page loads the first time , base image showing magento image place holder. 

i think this is a bug  in RWD template .. im using this template because it has all the element i need to display products. any advice on how to fix this issue would be great thanks.