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images in products appear to be in cache folder

images in products appear to be in cache folder


I have been changing and amending some products. 

When I click 'save' after updating a product. I am returned to product view, but the 'thumbnails' for each product has disappeared. 


When I investigate a configurable product for example and click save, even though i may not have amended or updated anything, the 'thumbnail' disappears. 


1) even though in product admin view there are 'thumbnails' of each product with an image. 

2) I click edit for any image and go to Images' there is no images there?!?!? 

So I am wondering how the image can display as a thumbnail in product admin, or on the Front end product page?!?! 


This is a mystery to me? 


If I inspect the image URL it is stored in a cache folder. 


If I edit a product and re-upload the product image then the image remains in place, even if I edit the product later! 

So it seems that all my images are only stored in the cache folder and not a media folder..


Very confusing! Any ideas? 


Re: images in products appear to be in cache folder

Hi @wood1e,


Magento stores product images as:



However when rendering images are resized as required by specific blocks and saved to cache. It's done to improve performance and perform resize operation only once.


So original images are stored under catalog/product, images adjusted for frontend rendering go to cache.

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Re: images in products appear to be in cache folder




Thanks for that, but my issue is I am trying to work out how a product image can appear on the front end product page but within the product admin there isn't an image! 

See here:

So I am pretty sure the thumbnail is showing because of some form of third party extension. 

Now I go into the specific product admin and view 'Images' :

As you can see there is no images

On Front end: there is an image


Now if i click on 'save' within the product edit the product image will disappear!! 


See here: and here:

I then upload a new image or replacement image for that product and save, the image (obviously ) is returned!  Which is good I just have a few images I need to upload! 


So I am just trying to find out why the website would have been set up like this.  And then maybe find the solution.

This I find strange??  Any ideas why the product image on saving would disappear? 

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