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language settings

language settings



I have installed a 2.0.6 Magento instance. I am trying to set the Locale configuration into Spanish but nothing changes. I have tried to found documentation about how to change the frontend language but I didn't manage to get something clear and/or useful.


How can I set the frontend language to spanish? Do I need to install something for doing that? Do I need to install or upgrade something via Component Manager? Do I need to install something from crowdin and if so how to setup that?


It's very very very disappointing that something as simple as setting the language is giving so many difficulties and headaches.


Thanks in advance for any help!


Re: language settings

(You've posted your question on M1 group)


On M2 we don't have an es_* package by default.
As you saw in the spanish forum there are some individual initiatives to create a es_ (any variation) package to add to M2.


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