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magento multisite vs wordpress multisite

magento multisite vs wordpress multisite

till now i was testing on wordpress multisite and my site structure was like this

subdomain.maindomain/subsite (wp installed in subdomain sub site in sub folder)

that is for a reason

my every subsite is an e commerce site with different shop manager

every shop manager has backend access to his own site to upload products only

i have hidden everything else in the back end using plugins


i want the same structure in magento

is it possible

if yes then how

this is my very first day in magento

and i have to go live in a month

i have only few days to learn magento

please if any body can help me on this

which is the best place to download free extensions for magento



Re: magento multisite vs wordpress multisite

Thanks for posting your question.


Yes, magento do provide an multiple website/Store concept. Also you do able to setup site with separate sub-domain as well as sub folder also.


Admin panel:


Default magento won't provide an store level access to different admin users. so that would be require to be done as customization. Please do let me know if require any further help on the same


Extension to be download from below URL:


With regards,

Bhavesh Surani