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magento multistore and ebay-amazon

magento multistore and ebay-amazon

Hello to the Magento Community.


I am asking for your knowledge and experience on the following matter.

I am considering installing magento as my e-commerce platform but tI have the following questions:

  • What is crucial for me is to have a base shop using € as a base currency (all stock is bought in euros) and German as a front-office language. This base shop shold be connected to &
  • Also I should have the second shop (in multi store mode) using £ (British pound) as a currency and English as front-office language. This second shop should be connected to & amazon uk as well. Also this shop's prices should be able to adjust to £/€ exchange rate fluctuations.

Of course these two shops should share Products & Quantities


Is this setup possible in a straight forward case? What I mean straight forward case is that I need a simple setup not burn my brains on how to make this thing work. I am looking for an easy solution that has been tested to work.


I am currently a prestashop user without much problems to deal with until now, but I am experiencing some serious problems with this subject which is HOT for me, and thats why I am considering to change ecommerce platform 


Thank you in advance for reading and considering my case.


Re: magento multistore and ebay-amazon



This is a pretty common setup and shouldn't present any issues.


I guess you'll probably then want to adjust Magento prices to fit with seller fees on eBay and Amazon as well. There are lots of us able to help if you need it.



Re: magento multistore and ebay-amazon

I think you can upgrade magento latest version to fix error and enjoy new experiences. At that time, magento 2.2 is a good choice for e-merchants.