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multi channel sales


multi channel sales


I'm looking to set a Magento Store up with the aim to push products to eBay, Amazon and various other channels I can.

What I'm looking for is a good collections extensions people can recommend to do the following:
Import Categories / Products without having to do it manually from a fresh install.

Push Products, Prices, sizes, Stock, image URL's etc to eBay / Amazon with automatic updates once an item has been sold on one of the sites.


Restrict Products / Categories pushing to the eBay or Amazon


create a Google Shopping Feed based on Googles latest taxonomy changes


Ideally I would like to get as much automation in to this as possible, so it doesn't become time consuming so any other extensions you could think of which would be beneficial


Thanks in advance


Re: multi channel sales


Please see my opinion below:


Not sure with size of your business but as I know from my experience a lot of our clients who sell products using different channels do not use magento as main system for managing products. Magento become just like one additional channel to which external system for PIM, Price, Warehouse management send updates. 


If you will wish to go with magento as the main system you can use:

1. Magmi for product import(if you have a lot of them) or standard magento functionality.

2. this thing for feeds generation.

3. One of tens ERP extensions for stock management.






But you should understand that you will need help of professional developer(or no if you are developerSmiley Happy) to setup all this things and make them to work stable together. Think about load on the server, but again it depends on how many sales do you expect.


Magento is great system if you know how to work with itSmiley Happy


Kind Regards,
Art Malkovich - Onilab

Re: multi channel sales

There are few multi-channel e-commerce solutions that with their simple integration feature do ease up your task by automating many backend tasks. The names like ChannelSale, Channel Advisor are very popular. (I advise against ChannelAdvisor; they are very expensive and offer poor services.) I personally use ChannelSale. Given what you’re looking for, which are basically extensions to kill the manual tasks, here’s how you should select your e-commerce solution:


  • Check the number of shopping channels do they partner with and if it matches your needs or not. The more integration facilities they offer between marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, the better for your business.
  • See the demo of their software, if possible. Check if you’re comfortable working on it.
  • To minimize the overall business cost, you should avoid the need of hiring developers. So see the support system of the e-commerce solutions. If they offer additional services to help you with the backend and technical stuffs.
  • Of course, checking their pricing is the most important part. Factor all these, and hopefully you will find a solution that’s perfect for your individual need. Cheers!!

Re: multi channel sales

I would add one more solution to those that have been already posted here.

You can use this Product Feed extension to generate feeds of products and upload them to different search engines.

While generating the feeds, you will have some flexible options, such as including only configurable items, excluding disabled products. One can also use any additional attributes or replace the existing ones with any other information.


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Re: multi channel sales

Hi Art,


We picked Bright Pearl as our backend Omni-channel software and while it's worked OK, we ground unhappy with poor service, high cost and other failings. We are currently shopping for their replacement, any thoughts?


Kind regards,



Re: multi channel sales

Hi Chris,
If you're still thinking about to replace service how about to check sellbery? This service integrates your Magento shop with marketplaces like Amazon or Google Shopping, the price is cheap and there're 45 days of free trial.
Hope it would be helpful for you.

Re: multi channel sales

Having an online store can be very overwhelming. At the same point of time, a lot goes into managing that store. You need to constantly keep updating your catalog, look for ways to promote your product across various marketplaces.
It becomes difficult to manage all this, given the amount of manual work that goes into this.


Selecting the right E-commerce solution can be a cumbersome task for any SME, that's when came across Eunimart, (I figured that the services they provide were the perfect fit for my line of business)

Before you actually get into selling across various marketplaces, you need to check whether the E-commerce solution company is the best fit for your line of business. Check their integration with various marketplaces, payment providers, logistics partners and other webstores.
To avoid manual work, check if they offer any technical assistance when it comes to managing your inventory and catalog.

Next comes in the pricing part, check what they prices they have to offer.

Accordingly, take a call.
Good Luck!!