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multiple catalog_product_flat?

multiple catalog_product_flat?

Hello everyone,


I'm new using magento.


I need to edit "some" products description and a urls_key or a product. 


When I checked the database, I can se 5 different table:







the website is only one language, and the table with the rows looks the same.

Do you know why there are 5 table that are the same? Which one I should edit? there is any difference between the 5? 


Thank you very much


Re: multiple catalog_product_flat?

5 table that is 5 storeview you having. you should'n change in that tables. you should use command $product->setData('somedata','value')->save()

then reindex , flat table will update with your newer data.

Re: multiple catalog_product_flat?

Thank you very much for replying me.


I'm "new" with Magento.


the store is one, there are different category for the products.


I did a quick check and I don't understand why the table looks the same (I mean the products inside the table, they are the same)


what do you mean about 5 storeview?


Thank you again