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out of stock in dropdown

out of stock in dropdown

Hello everyone,


i'm looking for solution regarding displaying attributes which are out of stock in dropdown menu on product page. (i have tested version 2.1.3 and 2.1.5)
I want to show the out of stock attribute and the client to see that isnt available.( just seeing without option to choose). Here we have several errors:
- when we choose only Size as an attribute drop down menu is not displaying in light grey the size that is unavailable.
- However if we have Size and Color as attributes in drop down the unavailable size items are displaying in light grey and the user couldnt choose them, only to see. It's working fine, may be i miss a text (out of stock on the same line). 
My problem is that i use mostly just size as an attribute...
- Also if the choosing option isnt as drop down but as text swatch - one or two attributes (doesnt matter) it is not working at all, unavailable sizes are not displayed.

Its very important for clients to have the possibility to see all sizes that some brand offer. When out of stocks attributes arent shown clients think the brand does not produce in the missing size for example. They are confused and start writing emails or give us a call - very frustrating issue. 

I will be very happy if someone could give me a proper solution.

Thanks in advance




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