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problem 2 page

problem 2 page

Hello to friends
I have a storehouse that some pages are called from two places
for example:
This is the main page
And this page is added
How can I remove an additional page?
Please give detailed guidance

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Re: problem 2 page

Hi, it looks like the second URL must be from a custom or third party extension that's been installed. Presumably it's used somewhere around the site to load in product information via ajax (i.e. without needing to reload the page), perhaps in a modal/lightbox window somewhere?


There are a few ways around: 


- Enable canonical URLs and add a canonical URL on ajax URLs pointing to the correct product URL

- Make the AJAX url only respond via POST and updating the code that makes requests to this URL. 

- If you're worried about Google indexing the ajax URLs then a line can be added to the robots.txt to Disallow anything beneath /ajax/. 

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Re: problem 2 page

thank you so much tom

This problem is in the webmaster tool
Duplicate Meta Description          229 items


Duplicate title Taggs                    197 items


Which solution is best for you?