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required help in migration

required help in migration



  I required help in Magento migration: Need to move Magento child store from multisite to the another multisite. How can I export and import configurations, products, orders...


Re: required help in migration

Hi @praveena_m ,


You can perform migration with the 2 ways:

1. Using magento Data Migration tool 

Please check below documents for the migration process.


2. You can go for some companies help which will perform migration for you according to your store data entries.



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Re: required help in migration

hi @praveena_m,


As we know Magento migration is a very complex process, so you need help in migration, you should consult with CedCommerce to move to Magento 2, these guys are experts in it. you can also refer to the blog: Why You Should Migrate From Magento 1 to Magento 2 & How To Do It?