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shopping cart rule

shopping cart rule



i want to program the following shopping cart rule (amasty plug-in), but I don't manage to get it done... Smiley Happy


for a certain range of categories I want to give the following reductions


1 product in basket: 5% discount

2 products in basket: 10% for the most expensive - 5% for the other one

3 or more products in basket: 15% for the most expensive - 10% for the second most expensive - 5% for the third most expensive



Probably you need several different pricing rules, but I don't know how to do it....


Anyone with a solution? Smiley Happy


Best Regards





Re: shopping cart rule

Hi @xrjan

First of all, thanks for using our extension.


You can try the following solutions:

1. A default action in Magento

2. For that you can use 2 rules in our Special Promotions extension


3. This is possible only with customization as Magento gives discounts for the cheapest goods first. Our extension can give a discount for the most expensive product. But it's not possible to give discounts for the second & third most expensive products.


Hope that helps!

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