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ssl working on chrome not on firefox

ssl working on chrome not on firefox

my website have one page checkout


in chrome it is working fine with green lock


but in firefox it is showing error 


(Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)


so ,can anyone guide me on that . how to fix it ????


hosting : bluehost centos comodo ssl


Re: ssl working on chrome not on firefox

I tested your SSL Certificate with this tool by Qualys SSL Labs:-


As you can see from above link, your server's security (especially for SSL) is very badly configured. Are you managing the server by yourself? 


Anyway the error that you see is most likely due to your server using SSL 3.0 (also known as SSLv3) which is no longer supported by Mozilla Firefox:-


You need to disable SSL 3.0 in your server and also implement all the other security fixes as recommended by Qualys SSL Labs to prevent issues like this from happening.