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translate.csv gets ignored

translate.csv gets ignored

Hi there,


Unfortunately Magento doesn't recognize my translate.csv file and I don't know why. I'm using the Gem theme from ubertheme and the German translation plugin. I put the translate.csv file inside app/design/frontend/gem/default/locale/de_DE/ but nothing happens. I also tried any other possible locale/de_DE/ location in all of the other packages that were pre-installed (namely "base", "default" and "rwd") and also specified the exact mage classes for the translation, but nothing seems to work.


I'm also a bit at loss at "Configuration -> Design -> Themes" though. I put "default" in both fields "Translations" and "Templates", as it's the name of the first sub folder of the "gem" package folder, but I'm not sure if that's right. Smiley Sad


Please help me solve this problem. It would make me very glad. Smiley Happy