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500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error



Suddenly last week when I was working on my Magento CE Control Panel I get a message 500 Internal Server Error.

From that point I could not access my website, no Control Panel and no Home page or other page of the web site.

I did not do anything strange or new before this error. I search about several issues in Internet, like Permision, htaccess file etc.

The solution It's not something I can find easily in google. I asked several Magento developer to work on it without any result.

What I was doing in order to solve this problem was to restore my files only for a last day before this happened, waiting 3-4 hours for restoration without doing something or working on it and the website was getting back live. So for few days, I was working on Magento, then suddenly I was getting this message, I was starting restoration waiting for few hours and then the site is back again.


Without to try to give you any answer of this problem, I would like to tell you that this Magento is running on a share hosting, has a lot of data and 600 Products.

My hosting company says that everything is ok from their site, but may be when I work on my Magento to overload the server and somehow to get this message and when I stop working to have my website online?


Can anyone give me a help?


Re: 500 Internal Server Error

If all else has been ruled out, it's definitely possible to see 500 errors if your server is overloaded. 


Are you sure that your hosting provider do not have any logs which showed the error on their end? 


Have you tried asking them to shift you to another server? 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: 500 Internal Server Error

Internal server error is usually caused by some PHP error. Whenever PHP fails, PHP-FPM is unable to get response and displays 500. Check PHP and PHP-FPM logs. Your answer is almost centainly there.

Tanel Raja

Re: 500 Internal Server Error

Hi Tanel,


Thanks a lot for your reply.

How I can check PHP and PHP-FRM logs?




Re: 500 Internal Server Error

Thanks for your reply,


My hosting company said that is not something that they are responsible for. But because I was searching asking and thinking about this issue, I came out that maybe the overload of the server.

I will now move to VPS and if this message will not appear that means that was the problem.


Thanks so much for your help,