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AWS service for magento

AWS service for magento

Hi , i had before on a VPS service but after lot optimizition understand our magento 2 is not working well , thats why we moved to AWS with Cloudways , speed is very well but  as i understand they just provide AWS without any extra security like AWS sheild , i was in 2 days on DDOS attack , and finally active the cloudflare , the issue on cloudflare is IP is from United state and is not Dedicated as well ( i heard is effecting on SEO and i can not install EV SSL Certificate as well as not dedicated IP , ) is that true ?


i reviewed the mdg-commerce as well , price is high, but installed demo was just bit faster then cloudways and i was told they are expert on magento hosting , and i am confuse should i go to them or stick with cloudways with cloudflare addon?


Re: AWS service for magento

CloudFlare 's IP address will not affect SEO in any way.

You can run EV SSL with CloudFlare with the Business plan and above:-

Re: AWS service for magento



i think that both Cloudways and M-tcommerce are simply reselling you same AWS instances that you can get directly from Amazon. Their main advantage is optimized configuration that was created by experienced engineers.  So in case you have good admin you can get even better results on your own instance. 


From our experience AWS is really good from flexibility point of view. Performance isn't strongest side of AWS instances. You should consider for example Nexcess as they have quite good optimized ssd servers.


Also we do suggest to use Cloudflare as most simple to use security solution. But you should preprate that it will most likely reduce your first byte response time. 


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Re: AWS service for magento

Cloudways and mgtcmerce is just third party interface to AWS and other providers.


AWS have its own control panel with lots of services, also very good command line configuration.


mgtcmmerce - will trick you with cached speed


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Re: AWS service for magento

If speed and performance are your top priorities, Cloudways with Cloudflare can be a good choice. While Cloudways may not provide additional security measures like AWS Shield, Cloudflare can help mitigate DDoS attacks. The IP location through Cloudflare may not have a significant impact on SEO unless you require specific geo-targeting. Cloudflare offers SSL certificates, but if you need an EV SSL certificate or a dedicated IP, you may need to explore other options. Alternatively, Devrims specialize in Magento hosting and comes with a reasonable price.  Consider your priorities, budget, and specific requirements to make the best decision.