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Backend VERY Slow on existing sites.


Backend VERY Slow on existing sites.

We have been running two magento stores once is a 1.8.0 and the other is a 1.9.0 and both run off a Plesk hosting - we also are the hosting provider.


Plesk may have done a recent update - they do that automatically and it is pushed through but it is usually nothing critial.


The last day or so both backends to our magento stores are so slow we had to increase the time out limit. Clearly, something has changed.


Would welcome any insights.

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Re: Backend VERY Slow on existing sites.

If we are unaware about what hae been updated , it is difficult to suggest something.

Are there any cron jobs set to run at that time when you experienced this issue?


Please check you Magento log as well as exception reports also.

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Re: Backend VERY Slow on existing sites.

My sites have become excrutiatingly slow in the past 24hrs. I had added a live chat code, but deleted it thinking that may be the cause. It has made no difference.

I'm not an IT person BTW, just a cake lady trying desperately to get her site to work properly, having been dumped by the developer who built the site.

Re: Backend VERY Slow on existing sites.

No cron jobs. Also worked in the .htaccess file and compressed CCS and Javascript.


Still not effect. I think it may be another issue - perhaps Magneto is quering Magentoconnect and waiting for a reply. We are restarting the server tonight to see if that makes a difference but its probably more than our websites - we have quite a few, mostly client's site - but I think other magento sites may experience this as well.

Re: Backend VERY Slow on existing sites.

The magentos seem fine now - after a server update and full restart. 


Plesk released an update that didnt seem to take effect until the server was restarted. We run 100 website on that server so have to wait till it's quite late for a restart - its 10:54 pm in Sydney now, and the restart and update seem to fix these speed issues.


Thanks for reponding.