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Best Hosting for Magento

Best Hosting for Magento

Hi All,


I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any good hosting companies to work with magento?


Look forward to your answrers 


Many Thanks


Re: Best Hosting for Magento

Wow, you're going to get a lot of replies to this one. Smiley Happy 


However, before you start getting approached by every hosting company in the world, I will say - asking "what's the best hosting for Magento?" is sort of like saying "what's the best engine for a car?". It's a broad question that may not get the best answers for you because of how broad it is.


When I'm looking at making a hosting recommendation, I generally take into account:


  1. How much traffic does your site receive? How many simultaneous orders do you expect? Are there other aspects to your store that will make your site require a more powerful server?
  2. What sort of monthly budget do you have for hosting?
  3. What sort of technical resources do you have for updating, supporting and maintaning your hosting environment?
  4. Which is more important - lowest possible price or best possible service? 
  5. Which is more important - lowest possible price or eliminating downtime as much as possible?
  6. Is the store running Enterprise or Community? 

Those are just the first few things I like to keep in mind, and based on that you can start zeroing in on the type of hosting solution and specific host that's best for a given Magento site. 


While it's challenging to say what's best overall for a generic Magento site without having more details, I can tell you what's *worst* for hosting a Magento site. Hosting is very much a case of "you get what you pay for". So if you put Magento or any other eCommerce platform onto a $4/month shared host, you're going to have a bad time. One of my coworkers likes to explain hosting expense as basically being your rent. If you have a brick and mortar store, you're going to pay rent for that. And while you might be able to find really, really cheap rent in a run-down building in a bad part of town, your business is going to suffer. Same thing for hosting - don't look at hosting as an expense to be cut, look at it like rent - you need to find the right match for your business so that you're paying the right amount to get the right level of service to help your eCommerce site succeed. 

--Joshua Warren - @JoshuaSWarren on Twitter
CEO, Creatuity & Launchpad.
Magento Certified Developer, Front-end Developer, Solution Specialist

Re: Best Hosting for Magento


Thank you for your quick response.

I should have been a bit more specific. All new to me as I'm moving over to the magento platform.

Site gets about 100 - 150 visitors a day. Probably about 5-15 orders per day. I will be using an API feed from supplier with around 3000 products.

Hope that helps a bit.

Re: Best Hosting for Magento

While your visitors are pretty low, the number of products / SKUs seem quite high so you will want to go with a solution which can handle it as most of your average shared hosting provider will struggle with that amount of products. Do make sure your budget is higher than the typical shared hosting account and I agree with Joshua's response where you should treat your hosting fee like a rental instead of an expense. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Best Hosting for Magento



Thanks again. Any idea of the price range I would be looking at?



Re: Best Hosting for Magento

You're welcome! Also, glad to have you joining the Magento ecosystem. I think you'll find it a great place to be as an eCommerce merchant. 


With that size of site, you should be fine with pretty much anything more than a $5/month shared host. 


There's quite a few different hosting options for Magento for your size site; Magento maintains a list of official Magento hosting partners, but not all of them will have an option for your size site, and there are some really good hosting companies that do great work with Magento for a company your size that aren't on that list. So, you can use that list as a starting point, but I'll also PM you some other suggestions. 


For your size site, you should be able to get great performance for at/under $100/month. So check through that list and any other hosts you're considering, and look at what options they have at/under $100/month and one of those should work well. 


I'm assuming you don't have anyone working for/with you that has a lot of server/technical knowledge. In that case, I'd look for a host that provides excellent support and is willing to lend a hand with basic Magento work when needed. 

--Joshua Warren - @JoshuaSWarren on Twitter
CEO, Creatuity & Launchpad.
Magento Certified Developer, Front-end Developer, Solution Specialist

Re: Best Hosting for Magento

Brilliant! Great info, thanks for your advice. Look forward to the PM.

Thanks Again

Re: Best Hosting for Magento

For me it's Nexcess. They know what they're doing and my emails are replied in five minutes.

Re: Best Hosting for Magento


take a look at

their SSD servers simply the best choice. the ratio of price - quality

investment in the future development, even if a small shop ... Robot Happy

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Re: Best Hosting for Magento

Definitely nexcess

Nestor González | Desenvolvimento e Suporte Magento