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CDN config not working

CDN config not working

Hello Guys,


When I change my  unsecure Basis media-URL and secure Basis media-URL to The Javascript ar not working when I change it back all is ok but I do not change my javascript path so why it's not working ?


See screenshot config setup :


Best regards,


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Re: CDN config not working

I see now what is causing the problem.


When I trun on Merge JavaScript Files to YES Magento place the files in the map Media. When I trun it off the CDN is working good!


But now the next question can I change the path where Magento place the Merga JavaScript files ?


best regards,


Re: CDN config not working

Hi Michel,


There is no system configuration field on the admin panel to customize the merged JS directory.

However, if you would like to customize that directory, you probably want to take a look at the following methods on the codebase:








Best regards.



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