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Cache Management Problem

Cache Management Problem

I've got an odd query.

Every morning, when I log in, I find my Cache has become invalidated - without me having done anything.

The previous day everything is up-to-date, but the next day the following cache type is invalidated:




Is there any way to find out exactly what has changed, so I can see what is causing it?


Re: Cache Management Problem



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Re: Cache Management Problem

If you don't have your cron enabled, that wouldn't be a big deal. It probably means that someone has purchased something from your store and has caused the cache to become invalidated.


This would mean that if you're using a configurable product or something similar like a grouped/bundle product, your product view/detail page might show a combination that might not be available anymore. Customers would see it but not be able to add it to the cart. It would then drop off once you refreshed the cache.


edit: This happens if something gets sold out in any combination.

Re: Cache Management Problem

The above links do not show any solution what-so-ever????