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Cache warming script

Cache warming script

Hi all!


A quick question, for some time now I am using magento and the loadtime of individual pages depend heavily on caching. If this is optimal or not is out of the scope of this question.


To ensure my magento shop is at optimal speed I need to cache/visit a page before a visitor gets to it.


A solution for this would be to visit all pages within the xml sitemap, as it contains visible products/category pages and "normal" pages.


My question is, how can this be achieved, probably with a script that runs with a cron job. You guys have an example of such a script or any other point in the right direction?




Re: Cache warming script

There are a lot of third-party cache warming scripts for Magento but most of them cost money. 


Some Full Page Cache extensions like LiteMage Cache has cache warming built-in to their extensions as well. 


You can also use schedule tools like to regularly hit your website using the sitemap.xml file. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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We benchmark all of the time

As the maker of a Magento caching solution, we benchmark all of the time.  Typically, we run our load testing software against the site to randomly hit pages and fill the cache if we cannot wait.  I can generate 25,000 hits in a few minutes , and then stop the test and restart it to start the benchmark.  If you go to and download the community edition (free), you could easily port our scripts to warm your own cache?

Steven Antonucci
LiteSpeed Technologies

Re: Cache warming script

magento cache warmer from sitemap

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