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Find good Magento hosting in Europe

Find good Magento hosting in Europe

I’ve been looking and researching magento hosting provider for the past few weeks. Please kindly help me to choose the best hosting provider for me. I will be more details about my requirement below.

The site does not use a lot of storage or bandwidth, it does need good CPU performance, likely same with RAM. My concern now is I have checked their hosting plan and it seems they fit my requirement. Their price is also affordable, and what I like they are European based hosting provider that has many Europe datacenter.


Currently averaging 1500-2000 visitors a day (45,000 a month, best month was 100,000 users). Website is global focused but users are primarily from West Europe and North Europe, followed by Russia.

Must Haves:
– Support magento
– Dedicated IP
– Support domain aliases
– E-Mail
– 99%+ Uptime SLA
– Non-EIG web host
– European DataCenter (Netherlands or France are great point)


Hopefully that’s enough information..

Hopefully that’s enough information.


Re: Find good Magento hosting in Europe

With your need I believe you have to choose a very good hosting with cache or cloud vps include magento manage team. 100k visits/month can be handled by a shared hosting with good cache solution. You can expect the price roughly $20/month hosting.

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Re: Find good Magento hosting in Europe

According to your requirement, I strongly recommend a VPS rather than shared hosting because we need more hardware resource to handle such a number of products and daily visit.

Re: Find good Magento hosting in Europe

 hostforlife sucks, their shared hosting is too small and limited, dedicated server too expensive.

they look like a "cheapish" reseller in terms of reliability.

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Re: Find good Magento hosting in Europe

You should focus on the global hosting company but they have server in EU. It 's quite simple to figure out the provider like that. Because they have to serve a lot of people over the world so that they have enough tools and skills to handle any problem from you. Don't go with local company who must be limited in problem resolve.