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Hello everyone I had a major problem with some malware and Sucuri managed to fix and remove all the problems lucky, however in the package I sign up for they are also offering me the use of a cloud proxy that should stop that happening again, has anyone used a cloud proxy on there site is there any downsides to using one ? or any magento  problems that i might get, thanks in advance, Paul


Re: Firewall

all these services like sucuri, cloudflare etc  

wont help you with malware or hackers... this is just a marketing


i have tested heavily sucuri firewall and cloudflare and others too, their services are pretty stupid and really just add some overhead.

sucuri failed in 3 from 3 magento shops with malware was already injected and injected after configuration, this sucks.


cloudflare just disables your local firewall because of a DNS, so you have to write your scripts or use known plugins to re-enter all bad ips detected on the server back to cloudflare firewall, also there were some many errors on cloudflare.



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