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First Byte Time optimization

First Byte Time optimization



testing my site with WebPageTest I receive the following score. In order to reach that score I have disabled quite a few modules. What else can I do to improve it?


First Byte Time (back-end processing): 9/100

1107 ms First Byte Time
198 ms Target First Byte Time




Re: First Byte Time optimization



Optimization Magento site will take a lot of time. You should calm down and google. There are some good points you should care:


-First of all, your site enables Magento Cache?


-Second, You can use Google Pagespeed to test your site:

Google also has some guides to optimize your site. Google Pagespeed focus on Image, Css and Js. For example, for image: you can see here:


-Third, another reasons is Coding. Magento is a complicated platform. If your developers aren't good enough to custom Magento site, they can write "bad code lines". You can read more here:


Last but not least, you can read more here:




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