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Godaddy has disabled my account. Please help!

Godaddy has disabled my account. Please help!


Hi guys! Please I need your urgent help. I got the below message from Godaddy that my website has been disabled. Please advise me on how to solve this so as to bring my website back online. Thanks in anticipation.


"Dear Sir/Madam,

Your hosting account was found to be causing an overload of MySQL resources. While we understand that this was likely unintentional, due to the negative impact to our systems and other customers who rely upon them for their own websites, it became necessary to disable the following:

i1740777_mage1 (1 GB & 2443751 Total Rows)

This will likely affect the functionality and availability of any associated websites. However, access has remained available to you through phpMyAdmin and the File Manager within your cPanel interface, as well as FTP and SSH (if enabled on your hosting plan).

Please note that the acceptable size thresholds for MySQL databases on your website hosting plan are 1,000 MB (1 GB) and 1,000 tables. Additionally, total row consumption and other general usage of MySQL must be maintained in a manner that remains compatible with the shared website hosting environment.

It may also be useful for you to know that the most common causes of database over-utilization include:

  • Unchecked message board, guestbook, trackback/pingback or other link spamming.
  • Excessive statistics or other log file retention.
  • Excessive database caching.
  • Misconfigured and/or poorly written plugins, etc.

In general terms, along with reviewing the information provided to you above, we recommend that you review your database within the phpMyAdmin interface, to check for any tables containing large numbers of rows, overhead, or disk space.

Should you determine the underlying cause or contributing factor to be website link spamming, you will need to:

1) Remove all current spam users, posts, comments, trackbacks, etc.
2) Prevent further automated registrations and other spamming behavior.
  • a) Disable new user registrations, trackbacks, and commenting, etc., or
  • b) Incorporate CAPTCHA, Akismet, or similar features

However, as we are not able to support the inner workings of third-party applications, we are unable to provide specific solutions. We therefore suggest the use of your favorite Internet search engine in order to further research this issue, if necessary, using terms such as: clean and stop comment spam, etc.

Using your favorite search engine, as well as visiting the support forum for your website application, and any associated add-ons, may also help with identifying any other potential issues and solutions.

Alternatively, if you no longer use the website(s) having this problem, you may want to consider removing the associated files/folders and database(s) from your hosting account, once you have confirmed any necessary local backups.

NOTE: If you require access to the associated website interface(s) to fully correct this issue, you will need to consider initial proactive steps, such as temporarily disabling or otherwise modifying your website coding or configuration, etc.


Your hosting account is scheduled to be reviewed again on 9/28/2016 (MST, GMT -7). At that time, any databases found to exceed the acceptable thresholds will have their contents removed and, if possible*, a backup copy will be placed within the main 'HOME' directory on your hosting space.

However, we must ask that you please review and resolve this issue without delay. Should any additional negative impact persist or escalate in severity, it may become necessary to further suspend your service and/or remove content in violation prior to the scheduled review without additional advance notice.

Once you have addressed this issue, your service may be considered for reinstatement by providing the specific steps you have taken, as well as any  additional steps you may intend to take, to prevent further negative impact from occurring."


Re: Godaddy has disabled my account. Please help!

You have gone past the restricted database size so you have 2 options.


  1. Get better hosting I would suggest a small dedicated plan or cloud hosting where you have more control over what your limits are ( my magento database is around 6GB at the moment but when I took it from the last developer it was around 44GB due to logs overflowing and never been cleaned)
  2. Do a massive database maintenance clearing everything that is not needed and hoping you can get below the restriction.


For option 2 here is a good guide but if this fails to get you below the restriction then you might need to have someone with more knowledge look at your database for anomalies which could range from plugins spamming the database or database sessions not clearing correctly.


I'd personally do the database maintenance and then still think about upgrading hosting as magento can grow quite large in size quite rapidly.


Re: Godaddy has disabled my account. Please help!



Passmarketing's recommendations are dead on.


First, see if you can get your database down to fit your restrictions with GoDaddy, you may need to hire a developer to narrow down a lot of issues, the article linked is a very good start. If you are unable to get down to the limits set by GoDaddy I'd say it's time to move to a more powerful hosting solution, preferably as Passmarketing already said, one that gives you a bit more freedom in terms of restrictions.


Personally, I would not try to host Magento on that 1GB MySQL limit. You are highly likely to keep getting throttled/suspended due to logs and various issues that may arise in the future. Especially as your venture grows.

Leslie B.
Aspiration Hosting - Magento 1 & 2 Optimized Cloud Hosting
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