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High performance installation questions

High performance installation questions

Hi, im moving a Magento 1.9.2 install to a new hosting because it was too slow for our needs.
We have 6000 unique visits per day and transfer around 150GB per month.

We are moving to a single dedicated server with the following specs:
128G Xeon D-1520 Server
HD 2x2TB + 2x300GB SSD

Our plan is to install ESXi 6.0 and partition it in as:

Web server: 1TB HD + 32GB RAM
Gentoo, with nginx and fpm+php with opcode enabled

Cache server: 300GB SSD + 32GB RAM
Varnish with Tupertine plugin

MySQL server: 300GB SSD + 64GB RAM

Backup server: 1TB HD + 4GB RAM.

Is this a good idea? or should i go for a single OS and no ESXi?
Any feedback is welcome!




Re: High performance installation questions

If you can combine all that on a single server (without ESXi) then you will see some performance boosts from running native hardware vs visualization hardware.


You will also benefit from being able to use sockets instead of tcp connections to connect to your database and cache services.


Just make sure when you have your server setup you have a separate partition for /var/lib/mysql which is running on the first 300GB SSD and a second partition like /var/cache which is running on the second 300GB SSD.