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Host Magento 1.9 CE(Community Edition)


Host Magento 1.9 CE(Community Edition)

Hi Guys,
I have installed magento 1.9 in my windows system using wamp and I would like to publicly host magento using my local system for testing purpose. How should I proceed any Ideas?

Thanks !


Re: Host Magento 1.9 CE(Community Edition)

I'm not sure if that is a good idea.

If you want to implement something like that you'll need a service like No IP (some Dynamic DNS service) and change your router confgiruation to forward traffic from the public IP to the internal/private IP and port.


If you're looking for a testing environment maybe you can try a cheap service (something like Linode, Digital Ocean, etc) to host your instance publicly.

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Re: Host Magento 1.9 CE(Community Edition)

Hi AKum,


I agree with Damian, a WAMP environment is not a good choice for Magento. However, if you want to proceed with that anyways. As Damian also mentioned, you are likely to need a DNS service such as NoIP, FreeDNS (, DynDNS, etc. That is unless your ISP has provided you with a static (dedicated) IP.


If you have a Dedicated IP you can simply point an A record from your domain to the IP. If you do not have a Dedicated IP you will need one of the services listed above that can actively change your DNS records when your IP changes. I have personally used NoIP and FreeDNS in the past and both have worked well enough.


I would like to once again note that I highly suggest against hosting a live store locally in this fashion.

Leslie B.
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Re: Host Magento 1.9 CE(Community Edition)

You will need a static IP to your PC in order to make your Magento website go live.


I suggest to try an affordable hosting/vps then move your local files to that live server.

In case needed, you can follow this tutorial