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Soon I will have a Magento Community version based online store with approximately 40 000 items.

Developers tell me that the required hosting would be 2 CPUs, 7GB of RAM, 286GB HDD, it also covers 10GB for traffic.

Taking into account the fact that it is not possible to yet determine the traffic of the site and how many orders are going to be placed at a time, I believe that these requirements could be too high.


Could someone please confirm my suspicions or give a few reason why it is so?


Thank you!


Re: Hosting

While 2 CPUs should be fine, I do think that 7GB of RAM for a start is a little overkill while 286GB of HDD will depend entirely on your expected disk space usage. 


You do seem to have quite a high number of products though. 


Maybe you can talk to your developer about starting with a lower specification like 4GB of RAM and scale up if and when needed? 


For the 286GB of HDD, if you do not need that much space, I'll suggest opting for smaller but faster disk like SSD instead. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Hosting

this is all about your database size and traffic, also dont forget that redis and opcode cacahe, 

anyway you have to make sure that ??Gb you have can be easily upgraded.

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Re: Hosting

It 's all belong to your caching solution and configure your server but in the case you do it good. 40k items is a big number for 7GB RAM. So if you got a lot of traffic in the same time but it still work well then I think your developer did a very good job.


To me, you can make it faster if you use 4 CPUs and 8GB RAM, because you will not need big process but more processes to make it faster so that you need more free CPUs. But if current number is good for you then I think you can keep it.

Re: Hosting

Quick suggestion if you opt for a smaller disk, make a separate partition for logs and send logging to that. I've had a few cases where some rampant logging has filled a disk and messed with the store (although it can be argued to leave logging off for live sites, if you're installing new software then it's an idea to leave it logging imho for a few days).


That way if the log disk fills up it's less likely to mess with your store operation.

Re: Hosting

Not exactly the same but to me with my magento site around 30k items. I am using VPS: 4 CPUs 2GHz, 8GB RAM, 80Gb SSD


With Varnish as main caching solution and everything is working very well now. Hope this information 's useful for you.