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How can i solve bulk export Error

How can i solve bulk export Error

I can't able to export my products. In my store nearest 16,000 products are there, when i try to export both ways import/export or dataflow both are error. But when i export minimum of data i can able to export my products, which means i can't able to export all my products at a single file.


I have tried two types of export methods : 


system - import/export - export error :


system - import/export - dataflow profiles - export all products error :




Re: How can i solve bulk export Error

This does seem like the server you are on is not able to keep up with the high number of products, which is understandable depending on what type of server you are using. 


Have you contacted your server administrator or hosting provider about this? 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: How can i solve bulk export Error

Actually i spoke with my host providers, they said, please check PHP allocation  memory,


This is my site phpinfo: 







My Site Ram = 512,


How can i solve this Error.