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Image Optimisation

Image Optimisation

Hello everyone,


We have a tricky one and I was wondering if anybody could help me.

We've recently taken over the hosting of a Magento site for a customer. Their previous hosts were less than helpful and this has meant that the site is in a bit of state.


One of the major issues is that the site is using a large amount of bandwidth, around 30GB a month, due to the fact that all of the product images on the site are .png files.

I there an extension that will automatically resize and change the format of these images (to .jpgs)?

If not, if there a way to identify which product images are .pngs? I think they all are but it would be helpful to check.


If there's not an extension to do this automatically, I presume the only way to fix this is to create a new jpg image for each file and manually upload the updated images to each product?

Many thanks for your help




Re: Image Optimisation

optimization script


and with a combination of 

gifsicle, ImageMagick, jpegtran, pngcrush

you can do with images whatever you want

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