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Is this Cloud VPS robust enough for 1400 transactions and 30K visitors per month?

Is this Cloud VPS robust enough for 1400 transactions and 30K visitors per month?


Currently on OpenCart by switching to Magento.


We're looking to deploy Magento in the cloud, and I was wondering what is the best server configuration for it.

Found some help here, but would love more if possible:


The current traffic is roughly 1000/day unique visitors. The orders are roughly 30 a day, and an additional 30 - 50 a day from ebay.


Magento will be using the M2E pro plugin to sync up with ebay and amazon (currently nothing from amazon), so the order capacity will be roughly 80 a day in total, and at roughly 1000 visitors a day.


We're integrating Magento with OpenERP / ODOO, so they will be consistently communicating as well:

- transferring orders Magento > ODOO
- new inventory additions, stock up updates ODOO > Magento.


In perspective we're looking to grow traffic to roughly 7000 unique visitors a day, at roughly 200 orders from the Magento website, and 200 orders from ebay (not sure the capacity from Amazon yet, but lets say 100). So in perspective 500 daily transactions, with 2 different synchronizations: M2E and ODOO.


Was wondering if you could give pointers on the best server config options. Is there an emphasis on CPU, memory or storage when it comes to this setup?


We’ll be hosting it in the cloud using either Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS of Google Compute Engine.




Re: Is this Cloud VPS robust enough for 1400 transactions and 30K visitors per month?

There's no best server configuration as each Magento installation is different as they will have different extensions, themes, number of products and visitors. 


The beauty of the Cloud though is you should be able to easily scale up if and when you require it. 


You definitely need to place emphasis on both CPU and RAM. As for Storage, it will be nice to have fast storage like SSD but depending on your budget and space requirement, you may need to compromise on this part. 


Besides the server hardware, another important thing that is often overlooked is the software - optimizations and security. Do you have a system administrator or are you good at managing a server? Otherwise you may need to hire a good system administrator to tune the software properly as well as securing and constantly monitoring the server. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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