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Local Standalone Verification

Local Standalone Verification

Hi All,

New to the forums.  I have been using another eccomece solution for many years and I finally have to give up on it and redo every single one of my customers sites....  Pretty dissapointing.

My biggest question/needs are this.  I need my shopping cart solution to be a standalone solution so I can host my websites on my own servers.


Will Magneto meet my needs?  NO CLOUD, no hosted,,,,, My own server,,, local machine.....????





Re: Local Standalone Verification

Any particular reason you want to reinvent the wheel? Smiley Happy


Magento Community Edition would suit your requirments.

Re: Local Standalone Verification

I should attemtp to clarify...  what I cant use is a hosted ecomerce solution like yahoo stores, google stores, or any hosted ecommerce shopping cart solutions, merchant account solutions, being forced to use certain banks, or certain hosting providers, additional 1 or 2 percent in merchant processing fees, and or increased hosting cost due to increased sales volume.  My customers dont like some other strange prviders controlling and supporting their code, site, etc....  For my own reasons,,, and very obviuos reasons I am anti cloud....  Private Clouds are the only way to go.  If you knew and have seen what I have seen you would think the way I think....  Besides the companies I contract with  are very very **bleep** regarding security issues.  Amongst many issues with the Clod there is no protection for intellectual property guaranteed from any of them.... No one reads the fine print.  These companies have thier own Servers, Internal Private Cloud Infrastructures.  I just need to verify that when I build this solution that I dont have to deal with some hosting company where the servers are sitting in 40 foot semi trailer rigs, outside, with some chainlink fence surrounding them in the middle of a corn field with a rent a cop guarding them and offshored thirdparty support from India.

Re: Local Standalone Verification

You could run your own server, but after hardware, electricity, bandwidth costs, you still have some maintenance work to do


1) Download and deploy cpanel on your host. You will need some linux command line knowledge. You cannot run anything else except cpanel on this server. No minecraft, game server, or video surveillance etc

2) Buy a Cpanel license, it typically costs $20 for one IP address. You need a static IP address

3) Setup Mail host. Magento needs to run cron mail queue to send out order confirmations, etc. You will run into problems if you don't setup a public host that maps to your local static IP

4) Setup EasyApache to recompile your Apache 2.2, 2.4, etc to all the libraries that Magento needs. pdo_mysql,mcrypt,curl,gd, etc.

5) Setup local firewall. I prefer APF, open up all the ports you need.

6) Change your root PW. Good practice


This would be the best route for multiple hosts on a local server. The bare minimum I would work with is a 3Mbit up/3Mbit down connection, dual core and 4GB ram dedicated.

Good luck and happy hosting!

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