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Magento 1.7 & Zend Opcache

Magento 1.7 & Zend Opcache



I'm trying to get a Magento 1.7 site working with PHP 5.3.10 (as shipped in Ubuntu 12.04) and Zend Opcache. The site is triggering a known bug in APC under load, but as APC isn't recommended for new deployments (and the fix for the bug is non-trivial) I wanted to try Zend Opcache. I thought that this configuration should work - I can load simple PHP pages but about half-way through rending the homepage the HTML ends and the FPM process closes the connection.


Has anyone else seen this? Anyone had success with Zend Opcache and PHP 5.3?





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Re: Magento 1.7 & Zend Opcache

as i know it is pretty easy to upgrade to 5.5


but you need to create/start only 1 php/apache process and strace it.

probably some incompatible apc configuration or php error

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