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Magento Hosting on CLOUD server

Magento Hosting on CLOUD server

Our Requirements :

1000-1200 products on a MAGENTO 2.0 store or MAGENTO 1.9

Estimated visitors : 3000 per day

Estimated traffic @ a point of time : 150 visitors


Need a CLOUD BASED Server Solution for the above with load balancing, disaster recovery options. Asia Pacific Preferred.




MGO India


Re: Magento 2.0 Hosting on CLOUD server

Hi all

Few more queries :


1. Should we use MAGENTO 1.9 for the new shop or go for MAGENTO 2.0


2. Does a magento store really need to be on Cloud ? or Dedicated server will do ?

what are the PROS and CONS


is there any article on this



Re: Magento 2.0 Hosting on CLOUD server

Amazon AWS might be the correct place to look at putting this based on your location requirements and the fact you want quick and easy redundancy (I assume on a small budget?).


If this is a new store and you don't mind the risks associated with using a new product then Magento 2.0 would be perfect and certainly save you upgrading later. Else Magento 1.9 is stable and very good.


There are many arguments for Cloud VS Dedicated but at the end of the day the performance is the same provided you are comparing a decent dedicated server to an enterprise cloud and and paying for the resources and not skipping on CPU/RAM/Disk IO.

Re: Magento Hosting on CLOUD server

Hello Mgoindia,


We also suggest using cloud server instead configuring your own. There are a lot of problems occurs to configure a server by own basically it's a time-consuming task.

For example use can use Magento Stack AMI on AWS.

There is an article you can get more detail here .



Manish Kumar