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Magento Hosting with PCI DSS

Magento Hosting with PCI DSS

Hi all


I recently started (2months now) an online shop and at present I have the whole solution from EKMpowershop.


I have roughly 150/175 products and my daily visits do not even reach 20 and therefore no sales. It is costing me nearly £30/month with EKM. I am therefore looking to cut costs and was wondering if Magento would be ideal so that when the business grows the website can grow with it.


My questions are based on the following:

1.  Which hosting provider in the UK would be ideal for me on the basis of costs and some decent service.

2.  I would naturally need to be PCI DSS compliant. Is that offered as part of Magento hosting or do I need extra

3.  At present I am only taking payments via Paypal, however I have already got Barclaycard merchant service on board but have not configured it.


Thank you


Re: Magento Hosting with PCI DSS



Welcome to the forums.


I can't recommend a specific provider, but with respect to PCI DSS compliance - your business will need to be compliant but you may not need to specifically have a PCI DSS compliant hosting provider. If your bank requires you to fill in SAQ A then everything hosting related except for the payment pages themselves (which, under SAQ A, will be hosted by Barclaycard) will be out of scope for your hosting provider.


You may still wish to ask to see their Report on Compliant or Attestation of Compliance - many major hosting companies will have these but if they only deal with SAQ A merchants then they may never have needed one.


I hope that helps,





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